12 Vegetables You Can Grow in Winter

12 Vegetables You Can Grow in Winter

12 Vegetables You Can Grow in Winter

A Guide to Planting and Harvesting Winter Vegetables

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January 1, 2015

If winter grocery-store produce has you wishing for something fresh from the garden, consider this: you can grow a surprising number of vegetables throughout the winter in our moderate south coast BC maritime climate. Winter Salad Greens include arugula, bok choi, chicories, lettuce, mache, mustards and spinach. They grow slowly due to low light. Mulch well, and harvest as baby greens or braising mix.

Certain vegetables, like kale and Brussels sprouts, thrive in winter temperatures and actually become sweeter after a frost. Others, with mulch and season extension can usually make it through the winter, even when temperatures dip below freezing or snow stays on the ground for more than a day.Low light levels and cold will slow growth, so don’t expect to harvest as often as at other times of year. The trick is to plant a lot and make up in abundance for what the winter light cannot produce in size. For example, harvest winter greens as “baby salad greens” or braising mix, rather than expecting large heads.

Start planning in midsummer for your winter crops. Most vegetables (with the exception of leeks, which go in early) need to be planted by July or August to develop sufficiently before the cold sets in.

The guide below shows seed planting and harvest times for winter vegetables in southern maritime British Columbia.

Planting & Harvesting Winter Vegetables in South Coast BC

Winter Vegetables Planting Date Harvest
Broccoli June – July Winter, Spring
Brussels Sprouts May – June Fall, Winter
Carrots July – Aug Fall, Winter
Chard April – June Fall, Winter
Collards July – Aug Fall, Winter, Spring
Kale July – Aug Fall, Winter, Spring
Leeks April – May Fall, Winter
Parsley/Parsley Root April – Sept Fall, Winter, Spring
Parsnips May – July Fall, Winter
Scallions June – Aug Fall, Winter
Turnips Sept Fall, Winter
Winter Salad Greens:
Arugula Aug – Sept Fall, Winter, Spring
Bok Choi Aug – Oct Winter, Spring
Chicory (Radicchio) June – July Fall, Winter
Lettuce July – Sept Fall, Winter
Mache (Corn Salad) Aug – Oct Fall, Winter, Spring
Mustards July – Aug Fall, Winter
Spinach July – Oct Fall, Winter

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